Organization Development & Strategy Consulting

Strategic Designs for Learning assesses the current organization in the context of the overall business strategy and identifies areas of misalignment.

1. Assess Organizational Leadership & Current Organization
  • SDL assesses the organization’s leadership against the current organization’s strategic plan and organizational structure
  • We develop an organization map of current and future leadership requirements by position
  • We provide leadership assessment of key leaders and executives for “best fit”, using proprietary benchmarks
2. Identify Areas of Misalignment
  • We identify areas of the organization where leadership structure may be misaligned with the stated business strategy
  • We recommend specific steps for organizational adjustment & alignment
3. Present Organization Strategy Alternatives
  • We present alternatives for the organization leadership structure, spans of control, culture & communication
  • We recommend specific interventions that can be directly applied to the current organization
4. Deliver Individualized and Group Coaching & Development
  • SDL designs and delivers customized coaching & development programs with an emphasis on emotional intelligence as well as skills based competencies
  • We deliver a plan of action that results in sustainable leadership capability and increased productivity
Case Study in Brief

SDL was instrumental in a family-owned manufacturing company’s reinvention to meet their challenges of growth and global expansion.

  • To identify cultural and learning barriers to increased productivity in a manufacturing environment
  • To assess leadership capabilities in leading their manufacturing plant in reinventing itself
  • To increase client satisfaction by providing a long-term leadership development and plant accountability plan