Succession Planning & Talent Management

Strategic Designs for Learning evaluates success predictors as well as the ability of successors to assume responsibility for the organization.

1. Assess the Foundation
  • Perform in-depth interviews with owner and key stakeholders to document critical organizational, cultural and leadership success factors, to determine long term business strategy for sustained performance of the enterprise as well as strategic human resource management objectives
  • Analyze data & develop a performance, cultural and competency baseline model
2. Assess Enterprise Alignment and Talent
  • Conduct an organizational culture survey to determine the existing alignment of business strategy, culture and leadership effectiveness
  • Assess leadership capacity in organization of successor(s) and other key leaders to determine “best fit” into long term business strategy
3. Identify Developmental Gap
  • Analyze data to determine developmental gap between existing capacity and the baseline model in Step One
  • Present Baseline Findings and Recommendations to Leadership Team
4. Deliver the Success Print™
  • Develop succession planning steps and timeline for the enterprise
  • Design a developmental plan for successor(s) and a transitional plan for owner
  • Design an organizational alignment plan including appropriate role definition of key leaders and other stakeholders
5. Implement Succession Plan
  • Deliver formal transitional coaching with successor(s) and owner
  • Conduct organizational alignment workshops to strengthen support for successor(s)
  • Deliver executive training to successor and other key leaders to close developmental gap
Case Study in Brief #1

SDL created a framework for a corporate university which would form the baseline for career development and succession planning in their company.

  • Design a corporate university for this turnkey land development company
  • Leverage the corporate university as a tool to communicate corporate culture
  • Develop an internal capacity by certifying a cadre of internal trainers to customize their corporate university curriculum
Case Study in Brief #2

SDL partnered with a 4th generation family-owned major international manufacturer in designing and executing a Succession Strategy.

  • To assess the talent of the owner’s children to determine their suitability for succession
  • To support the successors in their leadership development