According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, approximately 90% of American businesses are family-owned or controlled and 60% of all publicly traded companies in the U.S. retain some level of family control.

The family business model is unique because it incorporates three distinct and overlapping elements – the family, the ownership structure, and the business. The relationship is fluid and changes over time.

Based on our extensive work with high net worth families who run successful businesses, we've identified some common themes and issues that all owners, managers, and families face.

The following family owned workshop series address these key issues by using timely case studies, discussion and experiential activities. Each module is designed to provide you with the tools to manage a variety of important family business issues. You can select the entire series or create a customized series of relevant workshop sessions that best meet your specific needs from the following menu.

• Session 1: The Business Of Family-Owned Businesses:
• Session 2: Stewardship: The Role Of Governance In Family Businesses
• Session 3: Successful Parenting: Raising Children In The Family Business
• Session 4: Growing Up In A Successful Family Business
• Session 5: Assessing And Developing Management Skills For Family Members
• Session 6: Continuity And Strategy In Family Owned Business
• Session 7: Succession Planning And Transition
• Session 8: Developing Family Talent In The Family-Owned Business
• Session 9: Sibling Partnerships: Can They Work In Your Business?
• Session 10: Balancing Family And The Family Business
• Session 11: Power And Influence In The Family Business
• Session 12: Putting Things Right: Using The Tool Of Reconciliation
• Session 13: Using Celebration To Create Synergy In The Family Business
• Session 14: Leadership Development
• Session 15: Succession Planning And Candidate Development – The Success Print™
• Session 16: Conflict Management In The Family Business
• Session 17: Team Building: Values And The Family Code Of Conduct
• Session 18: Group Dynamics And Problem Solving
• Session 19: Custom Sessions